ZP102UT Dental 5YSZ Zirconium Oxide powder

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Through a newly developed material composition (5YSZ) and optimised manufacturing processes, ZP102UT combines the known positive properties of zirconia with a significant increase in translucency by improving the aggregation particles,

This material is perfect for all highly aesthetic application in anterior tooth region. ZP102UT is a superior hydrothermal aging resistance material with outstanding transparency.

We provide technical support of wholly dental block production process to help beginners in the industry.

1.Superior Translucency of 49%

2.Superior hydrothermal aging resistance

3.Highly aesthetics

4.Excellent  bio-compatibility

5.Lowest aggregation of particles

Powder characteristics
Composition                                                  ZrO2(HfO2)/Y2O3=95/5 mol%                                   
SiO2 Content < 100 ppm
Fe2O3 Content < 100 ppm
Na2O Content < 50 ppm
Cl- Content < 100 ppm
Surface Area  10-14 m2/g
Original Particle Size 30-50 nm
Size Distribution D50=200~240nm
Ignition Loss <0.5%
Light Transmittance 49%(1mm thickness)
Apparent Density > 1 g/cm3


Properties of sintered body
Sintered Density                                             6.02-6.05 g/cm                                                              
Toughness > 6.0 Mpa.m1/2
Bending Strength  > 800 Mpa
Shrinkage 1.23-1.24




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