ZP102HT Dental 3YSZ Zirconium Oxide powder

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ZP102HT powder improves translucency without reducing the strength. ZP102HT is a perfect example of the combination of strength and aesthetics.

This material is perfect for all highly aesthetic restaurations.

We provide technical support of wholly dental block production process to help beginners in the industry.

High Translucency

Highest flexural strength

Excellent  biocompatibility

High wear resistance

Powder Characteristics
Composition                                     ZrO2(HfO2)/Y2O3=97/3 mol%             
SiO2 Content < 100 ppm
Fe2O3 Content < 50 ppm
Na2O Content < 100 ppm
Cl- Content < 100 ppm
Surface Area  10-14 m2/g
Original Particle Size 30-50 nm
Size Distribution D50=200~240nm
Ignition Loss <1%
Light Transmittance 43%(1mm thickness)
Apparent Density > 1 g/cm3


Properties of sintered body
Sintered Density                                      6.05-6.08 g/cm3                                              
Toughness > 6.0 Mpa.m1/2
Bending Strength  > 1, 200 Mpa
Shrinkage 1.23-1.24

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