ST White Zirconia Blocks

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    Flexural Strength ≥1200MPa


    100% SAFE

    Lowest Radioactivity of ZrO2 powder 0.015Bq/g

    16 Shades Coloring Liquid

    Zirae ST white zirconia Block

    Zirae ST White, these are super translucent zirconia blanks used for monolithic or anatomically reduced anterior restorations and up to 3-unit bridges in the molar region. The high-performance ceramic combines the outstanding processing characteristics of zirconia with comparable translucency previously only known in lithium disilicate. The result is highly esthetic restorations with permanent strength and stability. Restorations are processed and fitted intraorally without additional cost using commercially available luting material.


    • 1.Fully anatomical crowns and bridges
    • 2.Anatomically reduced crown and bridge frameworks 
    • 3.Inlays, Onlays


    • Y2O3: 5.3-5.5wt%
    • Al2O3: 0,05wt%
    • SiO2 <0.002wt%
    • Fe2O3<0.002wt%

    Available in White Zirconia 98mm/95mm Puck

    Nanjing Zirae Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
    No. 2 shuanglong street, Shuanglong Science Park,
    Nanjing, China

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