ZP502 Pink Color Dental Zirconium Oxide Powder

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Through newly developed material compositions and optimized manufacturing processes, ZP502 combines the known positive properties of zirconia and develops different color by adding pigments.

This material is ideal for applications on multilayer and pre-shaded dental blocks. This material could be mixed with our white zirconia dental powder and by adjusting the formula, you could produce any multilayer or pre-shaded zirconia block you want. In addition to its excellent color rendering advantages, ZP502 also has excellent strength and wear resistance.

1.Unique color

2.Highly aesthetics

3.Superior hydrothermal aging resistance

4.Excellent  bio-compatibility

Powder characteristics
Composition                                        ZrO2(HfO2)/Y2O3=97/3 mol%                     
Color Content < 1%
SiO2 Content < 100 ppm
Fe2O3 Content < 100 ppm
Na2O Content < 50 ppm
Cl- Content < 100 ppm
Surface Area  10-14 m2/g
Original Particle Size           30-50 nm
Size Distribution D50=200~240nm
Apparent Density > 1 g/cm3


Properties of sintered body
Sintered Density                                  > 6.0 g/cm                                                  
Toughness > 5.0 Mpa.m1/2
Bending Strength  > 1, 000 Mpa
Shrinkage 1.23-1.24

*Particle size and D50 size disribution can be customized according to your requirements.

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