• 99,9% puritatis

    99,9% puritatis

    In sectione-ore technicae dat, pudicitiae Aluminium oxide pervenire 99,9%
  • XXXIII codicillos,

    XXXIII codicillos,

    A professionalem R & D quadrigis et XXXIII Barkley et productio processus
  • 10-year Experience

    10-year Experience

    Fundatur in iudicium ultima et solution products customized


De nobis

ZIRAE specializes in the development and production of nanometre ultra-fine high pure zirconium oxide powder,  zirconia and  alumina ceramics grinding media, customized ceramic structural parts for worldwide distribution.

The purity of the core elements can reach 99.99%, which is the highest purity zirconia product in the world.