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ZIRAE specializes in the development and production of nanometre ultra-fine high pure zirconium oxide powder, zirconia dental block,  zirconia beads  and zirconia parts. 

In 2014, ZIRAE was founded by advanced material experts in China. It is a key high-tech enterprise integrating R &D, manufacture and sales. The company dedicates in nanometre  ultra-fine high pure zirconium oxide powder (ZrO2 powder), with hydro-thermal technology process, the purity of the core elements can reach 99.99%, and Less hard agglomeration and low defective rate. 

In 2016, ZIRAE launched production of high translucent dental zirconia block with self-produced Zirconia powder. Zirae Zirconia dental block includes 41%, 43% , 45% and 49% translucency wite block, preshaded block and 3D multilayer block. The highest translucency is up to 57%. 

Meanwhle, ZIRAE's Vita classical and 3D color liquid for dental zironia came out. So far ZIRAE color liquid have 44 types. Besides the blocks for CAM/CDM system, ZIRAE also supplys blocks for ZirKON Zahn System, Kavo System, Lava System, Sirona System, Amann Girrbach System. 

So far the invested amount for the factory is 10 million RMB, the total investment is expected to reach 30 million RMB by 2020. At present the annual capacity is 300T,  it is planed to be 1000T by 2020.

ZIRAE holds multiple invention patents with independent intellectual property rights, especially the eight-step purification technology of ZrO2,  and the international advanced separation technology of zirconium and hafnium, providing powerful technical support for the high purity zirconia powder in chemical nanometre scale.
ZIRAE offers customized design in both ceramic material formula and ceramic structure components.  Since its embellishment, ZIREA has been committed to provide nanometre high-tech solutions for many high-tech industries.

Today, ZIRAE focuses on high quality zirconia powder (ZrO2 powder). Our goal, which is continuous innovation, to provide customers with steady high quality, a variety of advanced ceramic materials, has never changed.

Technology advantages

For Zirconia Powder

  • The company applies hydro-thermal technology to zirconia preparation, which can achieve higher purity monodispers and lower sintering temperature required.
  • Impurity content: 0.005%, 1% of ordinary zircoina powder
  • Number of times used in injection moulding: 20~25 times, Increase 33-67%
  • Monodisperse of Powder: Less hard agglomeration, up to first level
  • Sintering temperature: 1250 degrees, 16.1%(energy saving 8.5%)
  • Flexural strength: 1490 MPa, increased by24.17%.
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  • More optimized hydro-thermal process technology
  • Uniform particle size of nano-powders optimized  the sintering properties
  • Reducing chloride ion content: minimize the effect of chloride ion on ceramics
  • Minimize the Hard reunion to Improve size uniformity of powder
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For Zirconia dental block

Adopting  self-produced zirconia powder to ensure the quality from source.

Adopting a number of industry -leading production techniques to ensure the advanced performance of blocks.

Such as isostatic pressing, slurry forming, SPS and so on.

Providing our customers with detailed product parameters and various guidance to help customer make sure the best zirconia denturds.

  • Improving Ceramic Properties-Transparency
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Technical Team

Zirae possesses a high talent team. Zirae’s technical personnel have graduate degree or above, and the company also hired experts from Germany and Austria as technical consultants.


Overseas Technical Consultant 

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Mr. Jason Zhong

Mr. Jason Zhong, the CEO of Zirae, after got MA.Sc degree from Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, he dedicated in develop the first high-purity nano-zirconia powder for many years, and achieved 86 patented technologies.

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Heinz-Rolf Stock

Heinz-Rolf Stock, he is the Director Bremen Institute of Materials, Germany,  more than 30 years of scientific research experience, with a number of preparationand application technology of zirconia ceramics, has been selected in theNational Outside 1000 Program.

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Peter Wilhartitz

Peter Wilhartitz, PhD in chemistry,University of Vienna, Austria, formerly Director of Production of PlanseeIndustrial Ceramics Division, has more than 20 years experience inmaterial-related research and pro.

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The company possesses advanced hydro-thermal equipment, automatic feeding furnace system and spray dry machines. So far the invested amount for the factory is 10 million RMB, the total investment is expected to reach 30 million RMB by 2020. At present the annual capacity is 300T,  it is planed to be 1000T by 2020.


Quality control of dental block

We perform varous performance and apperance inspections on the finished products, and mark unique serial numbers on each product, from which each production tache of the product can be traced. We test the scaling factor for each product to ensure a perfect fit of the denture afte sintering. 


The company has completed 33 patented technologies and 258 non-patented technologies for the production of high-performance electronic ceramic materials and products, and authorized 7 patents.

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Exhibition and Visitor

In recent years, our company has participated in international well-known industry exhibitions of zirconia oxide powder, zircoinia beads and other products, such as Japan Highly Functional ceramics Exhibition, Shanghai International Exhibiton for Advanced Ceramics, Korea International Advanced Ceramics Exhibition, etc, and has been deeply concerned and recognized by international buyers in the advanced ceramic industry.

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